Brussels – getting organised

Real excitement was the other night when our friends from Brussels emailed us to say that our room was dusted and ready.  They sent through far more suggestions for things for us to do than we will have time to do.  Some suggestions are:

  • A BBQ with friends – a definite must but I hope the weather warms up!
  • An overnight/or day trip to Luxembourg.
  • Day trips to Spa is in Belgium, Brugge (oh yeah), Ghent, Antwerp, Tournai, Namur etc. 
  • Also of course Germany and the Netherlands close by train.
  • The Hague is a really pretty Dutch town.
  • Can easily get return flights to say Berlin or Geneva for 99 euro so there is another thought.

Now we have to filter!  Brugge is a must.  The Luxembourg trip sounds great.  The Hague sounds cute.  We also haven’t been to Amsterdam.  Oh and some down time…

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