Day 4 – 11 June 1994 – Wembley Park Stadium

Caught the tube to Wembley Park Stadium.

Wembley Stadium

Couldn’t get in to have a look so caught the tube to Covent Gardens Markets.  Quite nice.  Had a cappuccino in Cafe Nero (best cappuccino so far).  Caught bus to see Trooping of the Colour.  Waited about an hour and the Queen and Queen Mother.

London Trooping of the Colour Queen

Caught the tube to Soho.  Looked at the market, shops and restaurants.  Got some tickets for Miss Saigon near Leicester Square (£20 each).

Caught tube to London Museum.  Not bad but too tired.  Caught tube back to the hotel.  had a rest then caught tube to the theatre.

Had a quick dinner at Caffe Piazza just near the theatre.  Was great.  Open to the pavement even though we were inside.  We had a good table looking out.  Had a glass of wine, a huge garlic pizza bread and ravioli (full of spinach and cheese) with fresh tomato cause and heaps of parmesan.  Was great.

Went to see Miss Saigon and sat right upstairs in the balcony (seats 6 & 7E).  Off to the right of the stage and incredibly hot!  Could hardly stay awake.

Play was really good but hard to watch in such heat.  Finished about 10.30 and we walked to Covent Garden to have a look at the night life.  Looked wonderful.  Lots of people.  Caught the tube to the hotel.

Day 5 – Sunday 12 June 1994 – Heading to Paris!

Day 3 – Friday 10 June 1994 – Tower of London

Met Marina at Aroma Cafe on Picadilly at 9.30am.  Had a cappuccino but couldn’t have toast and jam because they ran out of butter.

Aroma Cafe

Had a look at Picadilly Market and St James Church behind it.  Church was very old, light and airy.

Admiralty Arch
London Bridge

Walked to Westminster Abbey.  Large hall was magnificent.  Surrounding cloisters were lovely, especially Little Cloisters College Gardens.

Westminster Abbey, Cloisters Courtyard garden

Walked to Buckingham Palace.  Came across the changing of the guard.

Buckingham Palace
Changing of the guard

Walked to Houses of Parliament.  Breath taking buildings.  Walked along embankment, then caught bus to Tower of London.  Queue to get in.  Expensive.  Much bigger than I thought.  Crown jewels were pretty speccie.  Huge queue again. Took most of the afternoon.

Caught bus, looking for Marks and Spencer.  Heavy traffic.  Regent Street closed.  Got off and walked.  Got to Oxford Street, shopped a bit.  Got on a bus going in the wrong direction…  Huge walk back to the hotel through not so nice area.  Was 8.30pm by the time we got back to the hotel.  Went to Swan Inn for dinner.  Not bad but drinks expensive.

Walked for about 12 hours today!

Day 4 – Saturday 11 June 1994 – Wembley Park Stadium

Day 2 – Thursday 9 June 1994 – Arrival in London!

Had about 6-8 hours sleep on the plane.  Take about 3am London time.  Had breakfast on board at about 5am and landed about 5.45am.

First glimpse of England was magnificent.  Lush and green with well defined sections.

Took about 30-45 minutes to get through the queue at immigration.  Checked if we had to declare Petite Delights macaroons.  Didn’t, so we walked through! Customs was non-existent.

Easy to find out way through Heathrow.  Cashed a traveller’s cheque for pounds.  Caught the tube to Bayswater!  Had to change at Earls Court.  Was all very easy.  Felt good when I got off the plane but tired after we had to carry our packs on our back from the station to Duke of Leinster.  Hotel very much like one in Kings Cross ($55 each/night) but passable.

Walked through Hyde Park to Knightsbridge and Kensington South.  Saw a squirrel in the park.  Beautiful streets.  Very quaint.  Lots of nice shops.

Regent Street

Had a look at Harrods.  OK.  Rang Marina and parents.  Met Marina at 1.00pm at Harrods.  Spent the rest of the day with her.  Walked heaps through Picadilly, Strand to Savoy, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square etc.

London Trafalgar Square
London Trafalgar Square

Went to Planet Hollywood for dinner.  Not bad.  Identical to Hard Rock Cafe.  Overcast day with occasional spits of rain.  Not very warm.

Had heaps of rides on the tube and ride in a double decker bus down Picadilly.

Double Decker Bus on Picadilly
Regent Street

Day 3 – Friday 10 June 1994 – Tower of London!