Day 1 – Wednesday 8 June 1994 – Departure!

Left Hobart airport at 9.55am.  Didn’t think that Mum and Dad were going to make it to see us off but they did.  Mum bought me a guardian angel.

Flight to Melbourne seemed quick.  Had about a 2 hour wait but caught up with a Customs Officer that Mark knew who took us to lunch.  got on a jumbo jet to go to Sydney.  Managed to get upstairs seats.  Wonderful!  Drowsed in the sun by the window.  Had about an hours wait in Sydney, then 8 hour flight to Singapore.  Got off and had a look at Singapore’s Changi Airport (transit area).  Not very exciting.  Then long 13 hour flight to London.  Leg to Singapore wasn’t so bad because I found a seat up front where I could really stretch out and put my feel up.  Singapore to London was bit cramped.  Took a sleeping tablet and managed to get a good 6 hours sleep.  Woke up over Tehran.

Had a look in the cockpit.

Day 2 – Thursday 9 June 1994 – Arrival in London!