Day 11 Washington! Airport Air and Space Museum and the Lincoln Memorial! 15 April 2016

Not a great sleep last night. Lots of traffic outside.

Stepped outside to 7 deg C. and warm sunshine. Lovely walk to and from the Eastern Markets for breakfast – not a great breakfast there though.  Le Pain Quotidien is so much better.

Some more beautiful street scenery on the way back home.

Capitol HillCapitol Hill

Capitol Hill

Boys are doing the much hyped airport Air and Space Museum today.  I couldn’t miss it but my tolerance levels are low this morning. Not a good sign…

We headed to the Eastern Markets subway. Found out that it was quite an expensive train trip towards Dulles airport for 4 people. No student discounts! This should have been the first warning sign…
After we had been on the train for 15 mins and were only a third of the way there I realised that I had  misunderstood which airport we were going to and the duration to get there… I was thinking that the only way to endure another air and space museum was if it was a 20 minute trip and then leave when I got sick of it… Then I found iut thst there was also a bus trip at the end if the train trip… Aaah! There was going to be no quick way out if this one…

The train trip was 45 minutes. Then 20 minutes in a freezing train station waiting for the bus. Then another 45 minutes on the bus! This was going to take all day!!!!

Headphones and music savedme from   listening to the furiously sniffing personbehind  us. They were making mefeel light  headed with all the wild sniffing inhalations. I feared they were never going to exhale and would pass out…

We travelled so far that we could have been back in #%^* Baltimore!!

Finally we arrived and it was a mercifully quick tour. Prime object of interest for all of us was the space shuttle Discovery. It looked like it had spent 365 days in space and it had. It was scraped and dirty, just like a used space shuttle should be!

Discovery Space Shuttle

Discovery Space Shuttle

Discovery Space ShuttleDiscovery Space Shuttle

A surprise find was the Enola Gay. This shiny, silver beast managed to somehow sneak up on Hiroshima at 8.15am on 6 August 1945 and drop that bomb. Must have been overcast…

Enola Gay

Enola Gay

There was also another Concorde there.

Air France Concorde

Another impressive sighting was the slick supersonic Blackbird (for secret intelligence missions…).

Supersonic Blackbird

Supersonic Blackbird

Back on the bus to reverse the two hour journey…

We arrived home for a very late lunch and then headed off to Downtown to buy the 12 year old a flat cap and a few other assorted items.  We then moved towards Federation Mall and the Lincoln Memorial.  We had been recommended to go at sunset and it was worth it.

Some creative Cherry Blossom photography by hubby.Cherry Blossom

Washington War Memorial


Washington Monument


Washington Monument

Washington Monument sunset

Lincoln Memorial

Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln was very impressive.  Very ‘Night at the Museum’!

It was a very long walk home.  Some cute squirrel sightings.


A very tiring day. The Capitol building was looking rather captivating lit up at night though.

Capitol Building night

28 000 steps!