Day 12 Washington! Arlington Cemetry and Julia Child’s Kitchen! 16 April 2016

A 5.30am awakening which I was actually pleased about!  It meant that we can do something early.  A time frame that we haven’t experienced on this trip.

I woke hubby up and we headed out at 7am hoping for an early morning breakfast and shop at the Eastern Markets. Unfortunately Capitol Hill wasn’t going to be ready for us until 8am!

We wandered around a bit and returned home for some forgotten items. Finally Le Pain Quotidien was open (delighted to find one close by) and we stopped for a yummy brekkie. Avocado toast for me again. I can’t believe that it tastes so amazingly consistent from one cafe to the next. Yum!

Then we cruised the market which was quite small and headed home to collect the others.

Today we Subwayed more. Our feet are exhausted! We caught the subway to Arlington Cemetry. A very large cemetery, full of significant graves.

Just some of the multitude of head stones.Arlington CemeteryArlington Cemetery

View back towards Federation Mall.
View from Arlington

The cherry blossoms were beautiful.  There was actually a festival of the Cherry Blossom on today but it was a bit too out of our way to get to.
Arlington Cemetery Cherry Blossom

The original amphitheatre is lovely and quaint.  It is especially beautiful at this time of year as it is covered in Wisteria and surrounded by daffodils.
Arlington Cemetery Old Amphitheatre Arlington Cemetery Old AmphitheatreArlington Cemetery Old Amphitheatre

New amphitheatre – all marble.  Not quite the same character as the old one but impressive none the less.Arlington Cemetery New Amphitheatre

The most significant grave here is that of JFK.  Jackie O is also buried next to him along with two of their children.  The graves are very low key!JFK's GraveJackie Onassis' Grave
JFK's Grave

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier has a changing of the guard ceremony every half an hour.  It is quite a long and involved process.  Just as well as it would be pretty boring for them standing around for long in between.Arlington Cemetery Changing of the GuardArlington Cemetery Changing of the Guard

Back on the Subway and into the Smithsonian station with a detour for lunch.  On the way to the Museum of American History we came across road blockages and a parade.  It was for Emancipation Day which celebrates the day that Washington released their slaves in 1862.  That is not all that long ago! Having missed the Festival of the Cherry Blossom we were keen to see some marching bands and floats and it didn’t disappoint.

Washington Emancipation Day Parade Washington Emancipation Day ParadeArlington Cemetery Changing of the Guard

These guys played flutes and reeked of old world Washington.Emancipation Day Parade

Abe Lincoln made an appearance in the form of helium balloons.
Emancipation Day Parade

We got to see a float! But not a great example.  I wanted to see something really over the top Ferris Bueller style!
Washington Emancipation Day Parade

The police ride Harleys!
Washington Emancipation Day Parade

Then we finally headed for the Museum of American History.  This was probably the one place that I really wanted to see in Washington.  We found a huge queue outside for screening!  We had to queue for at least 30 minutes in sun that was boiling by now…  Hoping all the time that it would be worth it.  I really wanted to see Julia Child’s kitchen (I’m a great fan of the Julie and Julia movie) and Dorothy’s ruby slippers (my friend Danette had alerted me to these).
Museum of American History

First sighting was the exhibition on the First Ladies.  Loved it.  Lots of their dresses on display, including their Inauguration Ball dresses.

Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Ball dress from 2009.  I remember very clearly seeing her on TV in this dress and thinking how beautiful she looked.  It looked better on her than on the dummy though!Michelle Obama's Inauguration Ball Dress Michelle Obama's Inauguration Ball Dress Michelle Obama's Inauguration Ball Dress Michelle Obama's Inauguration Ball Dress

A dress worn by Jackie O.  I wish they had had more of her clothes there.  She was such a style icon.  Along with Audrey…

Michelle Obama's Inauguration Ball Dress

It was cool to see photos and stories of all the First Ladies there.  Here are the most recent ones.  My how Hilary has changed…
First Ladies

Then I stumbled across Sesame Street and Elmo which brought back some memories. That song…
Sesame Street Elmo

A cute dolls house display.
Doll House      x

Next stop was the ruby shoes.  They looked a bit worn but it was exciting none the less.Ruby ShoesRuby Shoes

Then at last I got to see Julia Child’s kitchen and watch some of her TV show.  Julia Child's Kitchen Julia Child's Kitchen Julia Child's Kitchen Julia Child's KitchenJulia ChildJulia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking

After that I could not stand on my feet any longer and I had to head for home.  My feet hurt so much!  It was a long, slow crawl home.  There are beautiful displays of tulips everywhere at the moment which helped.  The colours are beautiful.

Last task of the day was to pack again ready for an early start tomorrow.  Always a big job and getting a little bit harder to fit in each time…

25 000 steps – felt like a lot more…