Day 14 – Tuesday 21 June 1994 – Aix-en-Provence and Cannes!

Quite a good night’s sleep.  Got bitten by mozzies again.

Found a fruit market that was not as big as Lyon but the fruit was excellent.  Had cherries, nectarines and croissants for breakfast.  Amazing flowers too.

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Then had 2 coffees at Les Deux Garcons .  So nice sitting outside that we could hardly move.

Le Deux Garçons Cafe
On Cours Mirabeau

After all the dreadful stand up toilets we had had to use, we found the Queen Mother of toilets – electronic with multiple buttons.  One to lower the seat, one to put the disposable toilet seat cover down, one to wash etc.  Probably one to heat the seat…

Looked around Aix.  Lovely town.  Had another sit down and drink and finally left.

Aix-en-Provence – beautiful gold dress display

Saw a cat on a lead.  Bought delicious little strawberries that we had for lunch on the way to Nice.  Drove into Cannes over green hills.

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Took ages to crawl out through traffic to get to Grasse.  Found accommodation out of Cannes at the Etap Hotel.  It is like the Formula 1 but 195F and you have your own facilities and it doesn’t smell.

Drove into Grasse.  Got lost due to road works and deviations but got there.  On a hill.  Lots of crowded buildings and hair pin bends.  Toured a perfume factory.  Surprised at how much is done by hand.  Could buy perfumes cheap but they did not have my Oscar de la Rente.

There were two other factories but couldn’t be bothered going to them. They all make various well known perfumes – Poison, Opium etc. and can sell it at their factory under their own name e.g. Fragonard.

Don’t know if Oscar is made at Grasse.  Drove into the town centre but couldn’t really find anything so we left.

Drove into Cannes.  Walked along Boulevard de Croissette.

Cannes Boulevard de Croisette
Cannes Port Pierre Canto Marina

Weather a bit overcast and drizzly but still warm.  Cleared as we walked.


Checked out all the huge yachts etc.  Wealth beyond belief.

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Walked back along shopping street.  Stopped at a cafe.  Mark had lasagne and I had an omelette for teach with Rose wine.  Very nice.

Some buskers came along and were very good.  Dragged ourselves away and eventually found where we had parked the car.  Many streets become car parks at night time.  They double park or park down the middle of the street as per last night.

Found our way back to Etap.  Mark could watch World Cup on TV at a restaurant further down from our hotel and also back at the hotel.  Bought him a new electric razor today.  Few bands out playing.  Very lively.

Aix-en-Provence to Cannes from our original map in the atlas
Aix-en-Provence to Cannes Google Maps 2017

Day 15 – Wednesday 22 June 1994 – St Tropez and Nice!