Day 15 – Wednesday 22 June 1994 – St Tropez and Nice!

Not a bad night at the hotel last night.  Found our way out of Cannes and onto the coast road heading back west, keen to see some more of the French Riveria and St Tropez.

Stopped just out of Cannes at Théoule for brekkie.  Magnificent tiny little village centred around a small beach.  Had muesli, banana, apricots and yoghurt.

Sun already very hot at 9.30.  People on the beach sun baking (topless) and swimming.  Fantastic view over the Mediterranean.  Sat on a rock wall at the beach and ate brekkie in the sunshine.  Yum!

Drove a bit further past wonderful coastline, magic blue water, orangey red, rocky coastline.  Still a lot of bush and undeveloped land.

Driving from Cannes to St Tropez
Driving from Cannes to St Tropez
Driving from Cannes to St Tropez
Driving from Cannes to St Tropez
Driving from Cannes to St Tropez
Driving from Cannes to St Tropez

Stopped at a seaside hotel/restaurant at Antheor and managed to get a cup of coffee and Perrier overlooking the sea.  Only ones there.  Got long blacks from ‘deux cafe’ this time!

Drove on to Agay outside of St Raphael and stopped in a free car park!  Walked along a very busy beach promenade.  Found a market!  Bought some beach mats for 12F each.

Agay coastline
Agay markets – spices

Stripped back another notch with the clothes.  Have been wearing singelet tops and shorts since we left Paris as well as socks and shoes.  Now bathers, shorts and thongs.

Drove nearly all the way to St Tropez but got sick of winding bends, slow traffic and noise along the coastline.

Turned around and made our way to Antibes.  About 6 hours all up.  Got very boring.  Was in the car most of the day.  Lucky not too hot with the window down.

Walked around Antibes.  Not a bad town.  Found one sign to Musee Picasso then lost it.

Headed straight for coffee to use a loo.  Finally chose a little cafe which turned out to have one of those loos.  Fortunately cleaner than the last one.

Headed for Nice.  Pulled into a Formule 1 but it was full.  Traffic was dreadful into Nice as with all of the Riviera.  Slow and noisy.  Parked then looked for a hotel.  Took ages to find one.  Not bad though.

Hotel Trocadero, Nice – Receipt
View of roofs from our room in Hotel Trocadero, Nice

Headed out for dinner which was 8.30pm by then and walked towards the water.  Found heaps of cafes.  Finally chose one.  Very ordinary and a waste of money.  Pizzas everywhere.  Walked along the promenade.  Beautiful night.  Was dark by 10.00.

Street view of Nice
Postcard of le Negresco et la promenade des Anglais
Negresco on the promenade, Nice

Rang Justin and Delia.  Around 6.00am there.  Heaps of people around.

Cannes to Nice via St Tropez on the original map from the atlas
Cannes to Nice via St Tropez Google maps 2017

Day 16 – Thursday 23 June 1994 – Monaco, Monte Carlo and Albenga, Italy!