Day 18 Santa Monica! Hollywood and skateboards! 22 April 2016

Bad sleep last night… Up about 7.30 and hit the beach for a run with hubby.  Man, that concrete path is hard!!!  We ran for a while on it, then detoured off road onto the sand which was sluggish and filled our shoes, then back onto the path to empty our shoes, then up the walkway to cross over Ocean Avenue and return via the streets around Montana Avenue, finishing on the Santa Monica Stairs (downwards – yay!).

The only downside of being on the west coast is that it takes the sun longer to hit the beaches in the early morning and there was quite a marine layer to burn off this morning.  By the end of the run, there was sparkling blue sky.

Santa Monica Beach

On our way to the beach we came across this unusual house!  I can think of no explanation except that they must really like their vintage vans!
Santa Monica house with van insideSanta Monica house with van inside

We ran about 7 000 steps and my feet hurt like hell afterwards.

After breakfast, we then headed to Hollywood!  There was a little detour on the way as the 12 year old had decided that he needed a skateboard.  We returned to Rip City and our favourite skate board salesman helped us out again.  One happy ‘Junior’ walked away with a cruise board.

We then found free car parking on the side of the road just two blocks from the Walk of Fame.  The only problem with the Walk of Fame is that you walk the length of the main part of the Hollywood Boulevard with your eyes glued to the sidewalk and miss everything else around you.
Hollywood Walk of Fame Hollywood Walk of Fame

We saw a few classic stars.  Patrick Swayze is my favourite…Hollywood Walk of Fame Patrick Swayze

Hollywood Walk of Fame The Supremes

We also saw a few stars that had departed since we were last here in 2011.Hollywood Walk of Fame Joan Rivers
Hollywood Walk of Fame Robin Willaims

Sadly there is no permanent star for Prince who passed away on 21 April 2016 but some thoughtful person had made a temporary tribute.
Hollywood Walk of Fame Prince

We sighted the Hollywood sign through the classic plaza view.
Hollywood sign
Hollywood sign

Interesting to see the old award winners outside Dolby Theatre.

Dolby Theatre

Loved this 1959 Eldorado Seville Cabriolet tribute to Elvis who loved to give Cadillacs to his friends.  Wish I had been a friend!  This one is housed at La La Land.
1959 Eldorado Seville Cabriolet1959 Eldorado Seville Cabriolet1959 Eldorado Seville Cabriolet

It is amazing that the Hollywood Hills are just a block or so behind Hollywood Boulevard!Hollywood Hills

We wound our way down Sunset Boulevard to home and the whiled away the afternoon with the boys using their new skateboards.

19 000 steps.