Day 19 Santa Monica! SpaceX and Muscle Beach! 23 April 2016

A good night’s sleep and awakened early by a silver fish crawling down my neck…

We hit the farmer’s markets in Arizona Avenue around 8.30 this morning.  All organic produce and more expensive than the organic supermarkets so my purchases were limited to some fresh peas and one very large tomato that cost $2.50USD.

Poppy got a skate boarding lesson on the way home.
Teaching Poppy to skate boardTeaching Poppy to skate board

Guess which way the wind blows on 4th Avenue… ocean is to the right.
4th Avenue Santa Monica palms

We then headed for Walmart.  An American icon that we had been hearing about on TV and movies all our lives.  Most disappointing.  The one that we drove 20km to find was like a Woolworths.  Cheaper groceries than our local supermarkets though so we didn’t miss the opportunity and topped up the groceries.  On the way we had a close encounter with a jumbo jet heading for LAX.
LAX Airport

Then we headed to Costco to see if it was any different to ours (expecting larger and better of course).  Same.

We were in the vicinity of SpaceX, which was Mecca for our 17 year old who is an aerospace enthusiast and would dearly love to work there one day.  We headed on over and he approached the security guard to see if there were tours.  Apparently only if you know an employee but he could try to befriend one.  So he lurked around and tried to chat up a few.  Eventually someone told us that even employees have to fill in paperwork for guests that takes a week to process and you need to be a US citizen.  So no luck.

Headed for home and another yummy fresh produce lunch!

A brief rest and out the door again.  We drove and parked near the Santa Monica Pier then braved the wind and headed down to the beach walk.  The wind wasn’t too bad.  We set out for Venice Beach.  The wind escalated and we pushed on into it through the bustling crowds.  Very bustling, very crowded.

Santa Monica Pier was much more crowded on a Saturday.Santa Monica BeachSanta Monica Beach
Santa Monica Beach
Santa Monica BeachMuscle BeachLAPD helicopterVenice BeachMuscle BeachVenice BeachMuscle BeachVenice Beach carsVenice Beach cars

The newly 17 year old was enjoying his skateboard on the beach pathway that he wanted to stay around Muscle Beach and watch the sun go down.  We reluctantly agreed as there was a good sprinkling of drunk/drugged people amongst the tourists and we were a very long way from home as we had parked near the Santa Monica Pier and he would have to skate all the way home.  He insisted so we left him and headed home.

Around 9pm and darkness we realised that he still wasn’t home and wasn’t answering his cell phone. We really weren’t sure what to do as heading out to find him in those crowds along that distance would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Should we call the LAPD?? It was a serious thought!  Then hubby and I decided to head out in the car anyway and somehow miraculously stumble across him…  About 10 minutes after we left, Poppy called us to say that he had arrived home.  Thank goodness as our chances of finding him would have been slim.  His cell phone had gone flat…

23 000 steps today.