Day 18 – Saturday 25 June 1994 – Rapallo Lucca!

A rather noisy night last night, until I shut the door.  Those bloody buzz box bikes – I hate them!

Had brekkie back at the main house.  Nice little rolls, jams and weakfish cappuccino.  Man was very friendly.  He didn’t have a room for us tonight so we packed up and looked for one.  Walked to a couple but full tonight.

Rang up all reasonably priced ones from the tourist book but all full tonight.  Finally got one at Rapallo called Portofino.  Then tried to walk over the hill to Portafino to the beach.  No sign posts.  Walked up hill and down but didn’t get very far.  Had a coffee.

Drove to Rapallo but couldn’t find the hotel or a car park.  Noise shattered us and we decided to leave despite our booking.  Sheer heaven getting out of that noise.

Drove on the autostrade to La Spezia (cost 8000L).  Drove through La Spezia to Portovenere as recommenced by Camillo.  Drove in and out.  Couldn’t find a car park.  Looked nice but chock a block full of tourists.  Unbelievable!

Wall to wall cars.  Hordes of people crammed onto grotty, rocky beaches and swimming in water nowhere near as good as the French Riviera.  On our way out stopped at La Grazie to get some lunch.  Heavenly quiet little fishing port.  Quite attractive, especially the silence but hard to find something to eat.

In the end we stopped at a bar and got some coffee and focaccia bread soaked in olive oil.  Not bad but salty.

Any other time there are food places everywhere.  Drove back through La Spezia to Lerici as recommended by Camillo.  Once again chock a block and no car parks.  Drove out again and headed for Pisa.

Hard to even find a working phone box on the way to cancel our reservation.  Drove through huge touristy areas – carnival or something.  Finally made it to Lucca via the autostrade.  Booked a room in a huge old house via the tourist office.

Were on about the 4th floor.  Huge room, no bathroom.  58 000L including breakfast.  Sore feet, tired and crabby.  Staggered around Lucca.  No shops selling bread or cheese or anything like that.  Crapped off and sick of pizza and pasta!

Day 19 – Sunday 26 June 1994 – Firenze!