Day 3 New York! Rain and the Yankees game! 7 April 2016

We have a very loud metal plate on road outside our apartment.  Everytime a car drives over it (which is frequently even though the road is quieter than many others around here) there is a sound kerthunk!  During the day other sounds mask this noise but at night it is naked and loud!

After a rough night’s sleep I woke at 7am then must have slipped into unconsciousness for an hour until 8am when I was woken up as everyone else was already up.  I flopped around like a stunned mullet for a while then got going.  A hot shower this morning!  Just as well…

It was a balmy 12 degrees outside in the morning!  A huge improvement on yesterday.

We headed for Macy’s on west 34th. Macy’s had its spring coat on with bright splashes of tulips and daffodils outside.


Macy's New York

Macy's New York Spring

The boys had ideas of what they would like to look at so we gave them 40 minutes on their own and set a meeting place outside Macy’s, Poppy included.  With a headache after last night’s rugged sleep, we spent most of our time looking for coffee in Macy’s.  We trawled up and down all 8 floors looking for cafes and sadly Starbucks began to look like the best choice! I’ve been on decaf for the last 9 months and didn’t want to overdo it  so chose a brewed coffee (very un-Australian choice).  It was actually quite good. Coffee is so expensive here!

We then began the process of gathering everyone together again.  It took a while.  The boys had ended up across the road in Verizon and Poppy was little delayed then standing in a different area.  Eventually we were on our way and browsed other shops on our way across to the Hudson River.

Heading in this direction, we stumbled across the newly extended High Line and realised that amazingly our street actually runs into it.  That makes it very easy to find again as we didn’t get to complete it.  We stood and marvelled at the Hudson River and thought about that incredible pilot who managed to land a plane on it and not lose a life!  What a hero!

Hudson River

Then the rain set in and we got drenched on the way home.  So wet that we had to change clothes and leave them to dry while we headed off to the Yankees game.

We boarded the Subway for the Bronx and it was a pretty quick trip and only slightly crowded.  We pulled up right across the road from the stadium.  Rain had stopped by now but it was very grey overhead.

Yankees Stadium

Yankee Stadium inside

Yankee Stadium panoramic


Fries with cheese – yuck!  Event the 12 year old couldn’t finish them.Fries with cheese

Groundsmen doing the YMCA song actions.Baseball YMCA

It was great game.  I’ve finally found a sports game that I can bear to watch!  Yankees won 8:5.

We trained home and headed out for a walk to take the 16 year old Venturer to meet up with some local Scouts.  Turned out they were having Scout Olympics and there were little scouts everywhere in the basement of a church.

On the way home we had some great night sightings of the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building.

Chrysler BuildingChrysler Building

Empire State Building
Empire State Building

A 38 700 step day.