Day 28 San Francisco! Cycling the Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of Fine Arts!

We awoke to a drop in temperature (down from 26 deg C over the weekend to just 19 deg C) and some cloud cover.  Our plan was to cycle the Golden Gate but I didn’t want to do it in bad weather and make the job even harder.  So we caught the N tram into the city first and I whipped in a quick bit of shopping in Old Navy.

Within half an hour the sun had started to peek out so we caught the vintage F street car to Fisherman’s Wharf to pick up the hire bikes.  The variety of street transport in San Francisco is great and I love the vintage slant.
Vintage street carVintage street carvVintage street carVintage street car
Vintage street car Vintage street car

Equipped with 4 bikes, we headed off for the Golden Gate but it probably took us 1 to 1.5 hours to get there.  The foreshore was just so gorgeous that we kept stopping to take photos every 2 minutes.  Especially of the Golden Gate bridge which still had a smudge of mist and appeared to be floating.  It is just so photogenic!
Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate BridgeGolden Gate BridgeGolden Gate BridgeGolden Gate BridgeGolden Gate BridgeGolden Gate Bridge

A astounding sight was of people swimming in the harbour.  It must be freezing! They were obviously the regular ‘iceberg’ rappers as we had seen them there yesterday too.

Another distraction along the foreshore was the surprise discovery of the spectacular Palace of Fine Arts. I say surprise because we weren’t looking for it and wondered what the thing with all the magnificent columns was on the left. We ended up approaching it from the rear and I think that was the best way as it unfolded before us a delightful surprise. Had we approached it from the front we would have had to fight our way through the busloads of Asian tourists that had also ‘discovered’ it. The proportions probably don’t come across that well in photos, but set in San Francisco, it was truly awe inspiring. Wikipedia tells me that ‘it is a monumental structure originally constructed for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition in order to exhibit works of art presented there. One of only a few surviving structures from the Exposition, it is still situated on its original site. It was rebuilt in 1965, and renovation of the lagoon, walkways, and a seismic retrofit were completed in early 2009.’ Seismic retrofits are bit in San Francisco. There is currently one underway on the Golden Gate bridge as well.
Palace of Fine ArtsPalace of Fine ArtsPalace of Fine ArtsPalace of Fine ArtsPalace of Fine ArtsPalace of Fine ArtsPalace of Fine ArtsPalace of Fine ArtsPalace of Fine Arts

We thoroughly enjoyed the cycling across the bridge and down into Sausalito (on the side of a slow winding road).  Then on the ferry with a zillion other cyclists to return to Fisherman’s Wharf.  They are well set up for it and have the drill down pat.  Lean the bikes against each other, no locks, no kick stands!  It works well!.Bikes on Sausalito ferry

Then it was time for another vintage street car ride back into the city with a final stop at Converse to check out the custom shoes.  Might have to revisit there tomorrow.  Loved the sculpture though!
Converse sculptureConverse sculpture

Final task of the day was to cook dinner and try to empty our fridge! Wah!

19 000 steps today thanks to attaching my FitBit to my shoe during the bike ride…  A tough ride though!