Day 29 San Francisco! Shopping and Chinatown!

No agenda today!  Yah!  Hubby and I headed off for breakfast at Zazie in Cole Street (on the way into the city on our N tram).  Not bad but raved about here.  Wouldn’t hold up against good Australian cafes.  We shared Eggs Benedict and French Toast Tahiti.  The most amazing feature of the cafe was that no tips were required!  They actually include them in the prices on the menu.  How modern!
Zazie BreakfastZazie BreakfastZazie BreakfastIMG_1994Zazie Breakfast

Then we headed back on the tram into the city and met up with the crew for a visit to Converse!  The boys selected their custom designs and we left them to be created.

We separated.  Poppy went off to cover the rest of Chinatown, I went shopping and the boys disappeared to find a sports warehouse that they had seen yesterday (turned out to be a very long way away…).  I revisited my favourite clothes store, Anthropologie and fought for a pair of rose pink jeans that had been taken to a change room for me but given to another person!  Eventually they found me some and now my shopping is complete with Anthropologie.

I roamed the inner city until the boys returned around 2.30 in time to pick up the Converse.  The completed products looked great!
Custom Converse Custom Converse Custom Converse Custom Converse

Then we all went to Chinatown for a look.  I didn’t think I would like the shops but was eventually lured in and loved them! They were just getting better and better when I sensed that the boys’ attention span was waning…  I’ll come back tomorrow and look at my leisure without them.  The handbags in the last shop were incredibly ornate and made by a local designer – $100 – $300US.
ChinatownChinatown handbags Chinatown handbags Chinatown handbags

Then we separated again with Poppy and the 12 year old heading home (or so we thought…) and hubby and I queuing for a while to catch the trolly bus.  I wanted another ride after being trapped inside on the last one.  The queue had been short all day but of course now it was long… and we gave up and caught the N tram home.

We got home to find out that Poppy had bailed out of the tram a few stops early when he thought he saw an inspector coming…  We had an incident on the first day in San Francisco when the 17 year old went to pay for a $1 tram ticket with $10 on board the tram and didn’t get any change (he found out then that they don’t give change on board…).  Ever since then we had been putting the kids on for free to use up our ‘credit’…  So the 12 year old didn’t have a ticket on him.  Poppy saw the inspector and decided to skedaddle.  He called to the 12 year old to leave the tram but the 12 year old was burdened down with 2 bags of our shopping that he was taking home for us and couldn’t make it!  Poppy left him on the tram and the 12 year old got off at the next stop which was still several blocks from home.  The 12 year old was not impressed and gave Poppy an earful all the way home!  So much for thinking they were safe together…

Chinese take out to round off the holiday and deal with our washing!  What a saga trying to order the Chinese with my Aussie accent.  The 12 year old wanted Beef Noodle Soup.  Do you think the person on the other end of the phone could understand me??  He kept saying ‘bay?’ ‘bay?’.  I spelt it and gave him the menu item number over and over again.  I think he got it eventually.  When we walked in to get the take out, we had to give my cell number that I had used to order it.  He recognised me straight away and had a good laugh.  He couldn’t understand himself why he had not been able to understand me!  The take out was OK.  The Americans seem to love garlic in everything so that was a bit of a battle for me.