Day 4 New York! Statue of Liberty! 8 April 2016

Not so balmy this morning and a very rough sleep.  It is a bit like being in a twilight zone – napping interspersed with the banging of the metal plate on the road outside, the crashing of rubbish being collected and the thundering in the overhead apartment.  It all blurs into one…

3 years ago we spent our 25th wedding anniversary in Paris and one of our favourite breakfast cafes was Le Pain Quotidien. We eventually found out that it was a chain but it was still good nonetheless.  We also found one in Brussels.

Yesterday we spotted one in New York on 5th Avenue and decided that our 28th anniversary would be a fitting time to visit it.  Well it is our anniversary in Australia today but not in New York.  Close enough.  We were awake early so escaped the family.  It was very familiar looking and the breakfast and coffee were yummy.  They now have apps, rewards (Dough) and online ordering and payment.  Very fancy.

Le Pain Quotidien

Avocado toast – yum!
Avocado toast

The rest of the crew met us at what we call the squirrel park (Madison Square Park).  We watched the dogs play in the dog area for a while and the squirrels trying to con us into feeding them and chasing each other.  Very cute.


We were headed for Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty and thought we would walk.  It took just a bit longer than we thought to walk from 30th Street to the bottom of Broadway…  The weather was blasting and cold and we saw hail!

Next stop was Union Square and a market.  I got to hold an Ostrich egg which was huge and bought some apples.  I also eyed off some other goods such as homemade cakes to buy on the way home.

We then moved on to check out the Wholefoods store which looked fantastic and was bookmarked for yet another visit on the way home.

We eventually passed the bull of Wall Street on the way and somehow miraculously snapped this photo in between tourists draping themselves over it for photos.

Bull of Wall Street

We eventually made it to Battery Park and fell back on our queuing practice at the airport to help us through the ticket queue and then as a reward, the screening queue!  Finally we queued to get onto the boat.

After a rough, jolting start which threw the lady in front of me from her seat to the ground, we chugged off to the Statue of Liberty.  Last visit I sat in Battery Park and had a chardonnay while I gazed in wonder at her.  I felt like I had come to the end of the earth, finally seeing her.

This time, we decided to visit the island and it didn’t take me too long in the blasting winds and freezing cold to decide that the chardonnay in the park was a much better idea.  There really wasn’t much on the island to see and we hadn’t bothered with tickets for the monument.  I’m sure that it would have been much better in nicer weather.  Got some much closer up photos though and it was included in ur New York pass.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty up close

Manhattan from the boat.

We did a brisk lap of the island, took a hundred or so photos and queued again for the boat.  We were so cold and over queueing that we gave Ellis Island a miss and headed back to Manhattan.  Next stop Wall Street.

On the way, however, we were distracted by a soup shop.  Just what we needed to warm ourselves up.  And it was good!

Wall Street was a brief visit with a few photos for proof.

Wall Street

New York Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange

Then we headed to the 9/11 memorial.  Last time we visited it had just opened the week of the 10th anniversary and was fenced off under much security.  All of the fences are gone now and the Tribute Centre and Museum are in place.  All included in our New York pass.

We didn’t spend too much time outside at the memorial as we had seen it before.  It is very well done and beautiful.

9/11 Memorial9/11 Memorial

9/212 Museum
9/11 Museum

9/11 Museum Times Square Crystal Ball
9/11 Museum Crystal Times Square Ball

Old Twin TowersOld Twin Towers

New World Trade CentreNew World Trade Centre

The Tribute centre was poignant and museum was very extensive! There is only so much sadness and trauma that you can immerse yourself in though.  We were thoroughly, thoroughly exhausted by the time we left and headed for the train station.

One train trip to 14th Street and then a tromp up the road to Wholefoods.  A bit of shopping and a lot of queuing as it was getting on for the peak after work shopping period.

We concluded with a walk back from 14th Street to 30th Street, stopping at the Union Square market to buy a cake and the squirrel park to check out the action.

32 000 steps today.