Day 4 in Paris – joyeux anniversaire a nous! Happy anniversary to us!

We awoke to le Plombier experience which will be bookmarked in our memories and not forgotten! He, however, is probably still trying to forget it.

We wandered off through St Germain and had more omelette, Croque Monsieur and cafe at a brasserie on Boulevard Saint-Germain.

We were heading for Musee D’Orsay but let ourselves be deviated by our proximity to the Latin Quarter. We wandered all the small lane ways and checked out the Pantheon where famous people such as Marie Curie and Victor Hugo are buried.

We also strolled through the Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) which surround the Palais du Luxembourg which houses the French Senate.

This deviation cost us about 10km but worth it. We then headed to Musee D’Oray. By this time it was around midday and beginning to rain. The queues were enormous and we were tired. We took one look and decided to buy our first Metro ticket back to the apartment. This took us to Notre Dame and we still had quite a walk to the apartment, especially as we deviated again to find lunch. Then as usual we were faced with the 119 steps to the apartment…

After a substantial rest we tackled the Metro again to Galleries Lafayette. I had forgotten that it was full of unaffordable designer label but it filled in a few hours while it was drizzly and cold outside.

Then it was time to look for somewhere for dinner. We wandered our favourite little streets through the Marais district and ended up on Rue de Archives which has become my all time favourite street. It always seems to provide just the thing that we need. In this case it was Des Gars Dans la Cuisine restaurant (The Guys in the Kitchen). They were perhaps a little too relaxed but the food was more than good and it was fun. We started with a glass of Pommery champagne and then ploughed our way through 3 courses. Mine was asparagus with cream of Moro (mushroom), then beef fillet with potatoes and then 3 sorbet (Kit Kat, mango and cranberry -yummo)!

After this I was nearly asleep on my feet but hubby wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower. We had to catch 3 Metro trains and they were sparse at this time of night. We must have walked 2km through Metro stations and waited up to 15 minutes between connections. When we arrived at the final train station it was raining quite a bit and cold. We soldiered bravely on to the Eiffel Tower (thank goodness for my new coat) and the it was beautiful. Fully lit up.


We braved the Metro again and this time took a direct line to Notre Dame. I think that I fell asleep standing up a few times. This meant a walk across the Seine but was better than 3 separate trains and the associated delays with transfers. We collapsed into bed.

Day 4 done in Paris. A mere 30km of walking despite using the Metro!

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