Day 5 New York! Empire State Building and Madame Tussauds! 9 April 2016

Friday night street noise required some help from medication to get to sleep but then it was a good one.  Awoke quite refreshed to 2 degrees C. outside.  Our 28th wedding anniversary!

I felt so refreshed that I thought I would tackle phoning the help line for the telecommunications company that we purchased a SIM card from for the 16 year old.  I was not able to activate it online but thought I would give it one last try by phone.  No mean effort given that I have spent the last 6 months on the phone to a few telecommunication companies back home ironing out issues. It didn’t go well.

After 10 minutes I had spelt and repeated my first name, last name, email address, US address City (New York), US address State (‘what state is that in Ma’am?’) several times and then when it came time to purchase the $25/month plan that I had found online, I was told I couldn’t have it.  I still don’t understand why but I had lost about 20 minutes by then, so gave up. Even getting off the call was hard…

We coated up and stepped outside.  To find some workmen working on our problematic metal plate in the road.  I lured them in with some pleasant chit chat and then suggested that made they could put some rubber under it as it making such a kerthunk all might every time a car drove over it…  They looked sympathetic and suggested helpful things but I’m doubtful…

Next up was the Empire State Building.  My most adored building in all of New York.  So classic, in so many movies and so full of Art Deco.  I have been inside before and been to the second floor but no further.  I’m not big on tourist attractions and queues but it had to be done this time with the kids in tow.  And Poppy.  Last time he was bounced 3 times at the screening process.  They finally found the cause… his glasses in his pocket.  We held our breath and he came through on first attempt this time!  Also, no queues this time.  So easy after yesterday.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building inside

We wound our way through the various exhibitions and finally piled into the elevator.  First stop level 80.  Then we had to navigate the souvenir shop… Then another short hop in the lift to level 86.  Then a breathtaking view.  A bit grey around the edges today but fantastic none the less.

Financial District
Empire State Building view

Empire State Building view

Flatiron Building
Empire State Building Flatiron Building

Statue of Liberty
Empire State Building Statue of Liberty

Chrysler BuildingEmpire State Building Chrysler Building

I had a last photo taken in the lovely foyer and then dragged myself away.

We headed up the road to West 34th Street and a souvenir  shop that the 12 year old had been waiting to visit for 2 days in order to buy some US sunglasses and beanie.  A delightful combination…

Both boys are prone to wanting to give their money to the many homeless.  This time the 12 year old gave some to one homeless man but the next one was ranting away and told him to take his money back – he wasn’t there to collect money, just to rant!

On to Madame Tussaud’s.  We have been to the London Madame Tussaud’s 20 years ago but I think that the wax works have improved since then.  There was a 007 exhibition.

Madame Tussaud 007

Madame Tussaud Beatles

After that I left the boys at Maccas and headed off for some shopping time.  Not a great day to do it though.  We had been commenting that the footpaths were a lot clearer given that it was Saturday and the workers were largely at home.  Or so I thought.  Turns out that most of them were in the shops on a wet Saturday.  I didn’t last long in the crowds and retreated to the apartment.

Meanwhile the boys tackled the Discovery Centre in Times Square and checked out the Star Wars exhibition.

Discovery Centre Times Square Star Wars

After a rest at the apartment, we headed off for the Chelsea Markets.  On the way we found the nursery street!  Flowers and plants to the left and right.

Meatpacking District garden shops Meatpacking District garden shops

We then weaved our way from 5th Avenue to 9th Avenue and down from 30th Street to 15th Street.  Then we found the Chelsea Markets.  Beautiful!  We also ran into the lady who had sat next to Poppy on the plane from Sydney!

Chelsea Markets

Chelsea Markets

On the way back we wandered through some much nicer residential areas.  A feature being the iron fire escapes. Some of which are quite ornate.  Also, something more closely resembling street trees!  Currently struggling into blossom in this icy weather.  We were rained on for most of the day…  Pity it hadn’t been the forecast snow.

Chelsea Fire Escapes

Chelsea Fire Escapes

Chelsea Blossom

Despite the rain and blasting cold…
I Love New York

For dinner, we decided to try the mega New York pizzas (26″ I think).  Boys loved it.

New York Pizza

Pizza and 12 year old

Pizza and Poppy

To finish off the day, hubby and I walked to the laundry and did a load of washing.  We stopped in bar and had a drink while we waited for it to finish.

28 000 steps.