Day 5 in Paris – Musee D’Orsay at last!

Today we discovered Le Pain Quotidien – a yummy organic food cafe. It was the best breakfast experience that we have had in Paris and they had free WiFi (once I understood the password that the waitress was trying to tell me…).

We then trekked off to Musee D’Orsay and this time waited out the queue. It was good to be reunited with some of my favourite impressionist artists and the glory of the museum itself.


We then walked up the Champs Elysee towards the arc D’Triomphe, doing a spot of shopping on the way. Tiredness got the better of us and we caught the Metro back to St Paul’s station and trawled the local shops yet again for goods for lunch. They turned out to be dinner as we couldn’t be bothered going out. We treated ourselves to some Mumm champagne and cleared the fridge of yummy leftovers.

Shortly after leaving Musee D’Orsay my internet credit expired on my phone! Now no voice or internet! After all that effort it had lasted me precisely 1.5 days!

We then caught the Metro back to where we left off on the Champs Elysee and continued the walk to the Arc D’Triomphe with the intention of going to the top. As we approached I started to wonder whether a lift had been installed… Sadly no. I counted around 286 steps to the top…


We had our heart set on seeing the lights of Paris come on from the top, particularly the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately we were a bit early as it is still light in Paris at the moment until around 9pm. However, sunset was forecast for 8.30pm so we made ourselves wait until then. The weather was blustery and very drizzly. We were freezing. We kept going up and down the 30 or so stairs to the gift shop to warm up and then back up to check the lighting situation again.

We were rewarded for our patience. at 8.35pm the lights started to come on on the Eiffel Tower. Spectacular!



Day 5 in Paris done – 25km walk!

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