Day 6 New York! Cycling in Central Park, Museum of Natural History and Tiffany’s! 10 April 2016

I think that the metal plate on the road outside was quieter last night, but not silent… The thundering footsteps upstairs certainly weren’t quiet but I think they leave tomorrow.

We headed off to Times Square to activate our  Big Bus tickets on our New York Pass.  Freezing outside with 3 deg C. at 10.30am.

Then we boarded the Big Red Bus bound for the Museum of Natural History. The Big Red Bus was slowwwwww and the commentator was even slower and annoying.

Big Bus

We eventually made it to the stop outside the Museum of Natural History.  What a fabulous building!  Right opposite Central Park.

Hardly any queue! Perfect!  We joined their WiFi and downloaded their app which allows you to indicate what you are interested in and then shows you where relevant items are on each floor.  We all ticked Night at the Museum!

Museum of Natural History Entry Museum of Natural History Dinosaur

Dum Dum
Dum Dum

Museum of Natural History Elephants

Ghost mask with extra mouth pieces
Museum of Natural History Ghost Mask

Sequoia log slice (from the Mark Twain tree) – took 2 men 13 days to cut it down with an axe in 1891.Museum of Natural History Sequoia

We lost the 12 year old within 10 minutes of arriving and caught up with him a few floors later.  We lost Poppy for an hour or so and he had to WhatsApp us with a rescue call from the Big Canoe.  The 16 year old disappeared off on his own within 5 minutes of arriving and wasn’t seen again until 6pm at night.  He seems to be finding his way around New York OK…

Next stop was Central Park.  We walked across the road and wandered up to where the bikes are hired.  Not the New York Pass variety though.  Wandered up to where the next bikes are hired.  Not the New York Pass variety though.  We wandered out of Central Park and a block of so away, finally finding the right shop.  The sales person was a little too practiced and sounded like a machine gun.  Quite hard to understand…

Saw these lovely buildings outside – the ornate Petrossian building (French Renaissance style), the sky coloured building behind it and the very skinny building to the right of it.  Looks like about 1 apartment wide but I think that the angle is deceptive.

We did the deal and headed off with 4 bikes.

Central Park Cycling

So Manhattan is really flat.  In fact we have only come across one slight incline so far and I can’t remember which street it is on but we have found it a couple of times.  Turns out that when you cycle around Central Park, you come across lots of hills! Some of them unfold around various corners for quite a while…  We gave ourselves a good work out.  The sun was shining but it was quite cold.  Especially when whizzing around on a bike.  We did a lap and didn’t linger.

Central Park Reservoir

Central Park

A brave bride in 7 degrees…Central Park

Then off to Tiffany’s in 5th Avenue.  My girlfriends had given me some money to spend at Tiffany’s for my birthday so I finally got to complete the task.  Ziegfeld 1920’s Gatsby style earrings and necklace! Tick!   The hardest bit was matching the pearls.  Tiffany’s don’t seem to take care of that bit.  The salesman pulled out several pairs of earrings of varying colours and sizes and I had to manually match them up to get a matching pair.  Then finding a matching pendant was even harder.  Did it in the end though.  A bit whiter than I would have liked but a matching trio!  Lucky me!



TiffanysTiffany's Yellow Diamond


Matching the pearls


Then there was the copious wrapping… more packaging than Mr Bean in Love Actually…


Ziegfeld 1920s Gatsby pearl earrings
Tiffanys Ziegfeld 1920 Gasby Pearl Earrings

Last of all a 26 block walk back to our apartment.  Luckily they are small blocks.  The sight of the Chrysler building sparkling in the sunlight made it all worthwhile.

Chrysler building (my second favourite building in New York)Chrysler Building

How beautiful is this?? Like a chrome wedding cake!
Chrysler Building

23 000 steps and a 10km bike ride.