Day 5 – Sunday 12 June 1994 – Heading to Paris

Caught the tube to Heathrow.  Marathon effort.  Bit vague and changed tubes more than we needed to (3x).  Carried packs on our backs from the hotel and around the stations.  Unbelievably heavy!

The Underground on our way to Heathrow

Finally got to Heathrow (glad that we had left about 3 hours early).  Very slow queue to check in.  Realised when we got near the front of the queue that our ticket said the 13th not the 12th!  Had to go and check at the ticket counter and luckily Karen had changed it.  Didn’t have to queue again thank goodness.  Lots of long, weird security questions and checks.  Very short flight to Paris with 10 minutes delay in Heathrow due to an unclaimed bag on board…

We were barely up and then we were down!  Charles de Gaulle airport was very ugly!  We had trouble finding the Euro Disney shuttle bus then the driver couldn’t speak English…  Great fun trying to tell us where to go and buy a ticket! Many voiles, signs and pointing.  Expensive.

We got to the Euro Disney hotel and had trouble with phones.  It took ages to ring Maree.  She then came and picked us up.  We got back to her place about 4pm.  No time to go to Paris.

The house was different… (9 people living there).  We had to use Maree and Albert’s bed while they were on night shift!

The Flea Pit in Montry – 36 Rue du Docteur Roux, Montry, France

Montry village was lovely.  Old, narrow streets, beautiful gardens, old stone and rendered houses.

Montry garden
Montry houses
Montry garden
Montry street
Montry street
Montry house

Went for two walks – one along a lovely, lush river.

Probably Canal Lateral du Grand Morin

Everyone locks themselves inside after dinner and shuts the shutters.  Maree cooked us a lovely roast chicken dinner.  Had to sit for hours in their cigarette smoke, which didn’t go down well…  Had to wait for them to go to work so that we could have their bed….  Thank goodness for our own sleeping sheets.  Didn’t sleep much.  Very noisy!

Day 6 – Monday 13 June 1994 – Paris!