Day 6 in Bruxelles – au revoir Bruxelles! 17 April 2013

We really enjoyed our time in Brussels with our friends. I love their suburb, shops, Metro, tram, markets and local friture (chippery – Charles).

I had woken up feeling rather delicate and the feeling extended throughout most of the day. I don’t have many big nights out but why do the few that I do have usually end up being the night before I travel somewhere???

I spent the morning trying to pack everything into my suitcase and gratefully borrowed a carry on bag from my friend which kept my suitcase at about 21kg but gave me an extra 7 kg of luggage.

I then hopped on the Metro with my friend and went to a nearby suburb to attend a ladies morning tea ( all the spouses from her husband’s work which is an international organisation). There were 16 ladies, covering several nationalities and it was hosted by a Turkish lady so the food was yum but I wasn’t up to sampling much… Their main topic of conversation was where can we visit next’! Tapestry outlets, medieval towns, restaurants, Istanbul, Athens, London… hard choices. It’s a tough life but someone has to do it.

Our friend drove us to Brussels airport and we said our sad goodbyes. Their children live in Canberra while studying so we had a few gifts to squeeze into the luggage from Mum and Dad.

Then we queued and flew to London, then queued and queued and queued and travelled through Heathrow on a shuttle train to cover 3 terminals and then flew 11.5 hours to Hong Kong!

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