Day 7 New York! Intrepid and Rockefeller Centre! Art Deco! 11 April 2016

New occupants upstairs yesterday. Quiet last night but early starters this morning with the footsteps. More soundproofing needed!

Hubby and I headed off for breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien again. Downloading their app gives you an instant reward of a Tartine. I took this to be some sort of tart but turns out that it is one of their beautiful open sandwiches, Belgian style apparently, including the delicious Avocado Toast that we had the other day. So we had it again and it was delicious again!

Then we collected the crew and headed for the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space museum. An aircraft carrier anchored on the Hudson, containing the space shuttle Enterprise!  It is littered with aircraft including the Concorde, the amazing vertical lifting Harriers (‘jump jets’)’s as well as Grummans, the same type of plane used in the movie Top Gun.  Some kind of heaven for the space and air craft loving 16 year old who is filling in the gaps for me as I write this…

Intrepid Museum

The Concorde.  I couldn’t believe how small this plane was!  Not much larger than a Dash 8.  I also couldn’t believe that such leading edge technology (it could fly from New York to London in 3 hours) was not continued and bettered.  The 16 year old said that was because while it was technology that was critical to the military (super sonic jets), it didn’t translate to commercial viability.  I think they should have tried harder.  Where are the Rockefellers when you need them??  Not profitable enough for them.  Let them be more innovative I say!  Unfortunately we couldn’t go on board as that would have made my day (although not more than the Art Deco that was to later make my day).
Intrepid Museum Concorde

Space Shuttle Enterprise – OV-101 (There were 5 in the 100 series which were the ones build for space flight.  A 99 model built for test snuck into production and this was the ill fated Challenger.).  It was so incredibly amazing standing next to a space shuttle!  The only tragedy was that we could not go on board.
Intrepid Museum Enterprise space shuttle Intrepid Museum Enterprise space shuttleIntrepid Museum Enterprise space shuttle

Plane used in Top GunIntrepid Museum Top Gun

Gun Turret
Intrepid Museum gun turret

Then we moved on to the Rockefeller Centre to do a tour and go to the Top of the Rock.  The guide sounded like a very nasal, rapid fire American and I was getting prepared to ditch the tour whenever it got to be too much.  However, he was fantastic!  A font of knowledge.  We thought the tour would be around the inside of the centre but turns out it was all outside around the buildings and the artwork.  Very interesting.  The Rockefellers had way, way too much money and were ridiculously influential.

For a start, there is a a mini city of buildings, not just one.  In their extreme favour, they were built around the time that the Empire State Building was built and are of a similar style.  Full of Art Deco!

Rockefeller Centre

The ice rink was being packed up for summer but looks like it would normally be fabulous!Rockefeller Centre ice skating rink

The complex is home to NBC and Radio City.  Also full of Art Deco style and artwork.
Radio City

There was a huge focus on media and this entrance was designed to represent it. The top window is meant to look like a film strip and the bottom window is meant to represent a TV.

Radio City windows

Christies auction house looks spectacular and is apparently the best place to see the best art for free.  It is on display a couple of weeks before it is auctioned.  Stunningly Art Deco of course…


As we were heading to the Top of Rock, I was thinking that it couldn’t be as good as top of the Empire State Building but then I realised that even better, we could see the Empire State Building from there!  And the World Trade Centre! And the Statue of Liberty!  All in one view.

Top of the Rock Empire State Building

Then the Chrysler Building peeked into view…  how good could this get??Top of the Rock Chrysler Building

This building is amazing but I’m not sure what it is.
Top of the Rock

Central Park holding back the tide of buildings…
Top of the Rock - Central Park

On our way back to the apartment, we decided to swing by the Chrysler Building.  Stunning as last time. Best roofline in New York.
Top of the Rock - Chrysler Building

This photo was from yesterday (when it was sunny… but cold).
Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building

The entry is stunning Art Deco.
Chrysler Building

Doors in the foyer keep the theme going.
Chrysler Building foyer doors

The marble is glorious and the banks of lifts are stunning. So decorative!
Chrysler Building lift doors

The foyer ceiling is covered in a beautiful mural with the centrepiece being a depiction of the Chrysler Building itself.Chrysler Building foyer ceiling mural

All in all, a most satisfactory and beautiful day.

28 000 steps…