Day 7 – Tuesday 14 June 1994 – The Twingo and Troyes!

Caught the bus to Chessy then 3 trains to Porte de Pantin to pick up the car.  Found Renault then stopped for a coffee.  Asked for cappuccino and got black with cream on top.  Cost $4.50 even though we were at the bar! Rip off!

Picked up the car.  It is gorgeous!  Very nervy about getting out of Paris but everything went well.  Mark did a great job and my navigating was pretty good.

Drove back to Montry to pick up our bags.  Glad to see the back of that house! Yuck!

Took some photos of Montry.  Very pretty.  Found a market stall there and bought some cheese (Brie and Gouda).  Then rushed back to bakery to get a warm baguette.  Delicious!

Drove to Provin.  Countryside flat, lush and green.  Very nice.  Provin is a medieval town and was quiet but interesting.  A bit cleaner than Paris.

Provins dog crap zone

Decided to drive on to Troyes.  A short drive but I was very tired.  Staying in a Formule 1.  Very neat and clean but loos and showers in the foyer and boxy.  Bough an Eski etc.

Original map from map book
Google maps 2017

Day 8 Wednesday 15 June 1994 – Dijon!