Day 8 – Wednesday 15 June 1994 – Troyes to Nuits-St George!

Packed up from Formule 1.  Collected a lot of extra gear yesterday.  Washing still not dry and had to dry ourselves with very damp towels this morning.  Went to a servo close by and asked for 2 cappuccinos.  Got short blacks with froth on top in petite cups.  Very cute and strong.

Drove into the centre of Troyes which is the historical capital of the Champagne district.  The old city is the shape of a champagne cork and was fortified.  It has history prior to 22-21BC.  Lovely medieval town.  Not industrial as I thought last night.  Beautiful alleys and malls.  Couldn’t seem to find any churches open.

Troyes postcard

Troyes – Rue Paillot de Montabert
Troyes – Place Alexandre Israel (near Cats (Chats) Alley) – narrow cobbled streets with typical style buildings and cafes.

Founds Cats Alley.  Buildings are close enough for cats to jump from roof to roof.

Troyes – a flower bedecked fountain in a city centre square with a bathing Labrador (was about 30 deg C) and a red Twingo in the background.

Found the La Poste after a long search.  Posted cards to parents and rang them.

Had a beautiful coffee at Maison de The Victoria.  Cappuccino was served in lovely white crockery, half a cup of black coffee accompanied by jug of frothed milk.  Though we were in a real French cafe was realised later that it was an English take-off.  Run by a lovely couple.  Very nice anyway.

Troyes – Maison de The Victoria – Rue General Saussier – best coffee

Headed off to Dijon through Chaource, Les Ricey, Laigne etc.  Lovely little towns.

Bought a baguette at Laigne and stopped on the roadside to have it with butter (luxury) and jam (peach).

Saw first vineyards on way into Les Ricey.  Then problems!

Travelled until 8.00pm into Dijon and couldn’t find a hotel.  Got onto the freeway accidentally and had to pay a toll at the first exit we could find which was to Nuits-St Georges.

Nuits St George
Nuits St George – chateau and vineyards

Eventually found a double room with a tiny shower and toilet at Des Cultivateurs.  Very friendly hostess. 145F.  Had white wine and cheese.  Wine was regional Bourgogne Chardonnay.  Excellent but expensive – 65F for half a bottle!

Troyes to Nuit-Saint-George original map
Troyes to Nuit-Saint-George Google maps 2017

Day 9- Thursday 16 June 1994 – Lyon!