Day 9 – Thursday 16 June 1994 – Lyon!

Didn’t sleep all night due to coffee last night.  Room very comfy though.  Got up at 5.30am.  Had a shower with difficulty as it had great force but was handheld.  Couldn’t rest it anywhere as it blew away.  Had to hold it between my knees to wash my hair.

Paid bill.  Wine, cheese and coffee cost more than the room!  Got ripped off…

Went out to find a Boulangerie at 6.00am.  Bought croissants for breakfast.

Drove behind Nuits St Georges and found vineyards then headed for Dijon (again).  Stopped to fill up with petrol.  Didn’t know which sort to use.  Had to ask.

Saw heaps of accommodation on the way in.  Parked near the tourist office.  Had a coffee.  Asked for 2 cappuccinos.  Got cream on top (sour).  Yuck!  Cost 26F.

Bought another croissant and headed off to find all day parking.  Trial and error!  Parked and walked out into market area.  Nice but not as good as Troyes.

Finally found a map and followed a walk around historic area.  Not bad.  Did some washing.

Dijon – beautiful coloured tile roof which was a lovely feature of old buildings in Dijon.
Dijon – Rue Verrerie – very middle ages style of housing where houses extended on their top level past the ground level to overhang roads.

Had a lovely baguette filled with salad and yummy mustard (hot) dressing (Dijon).

Mark having coffee outside Confiserie Les Delices while waiting for laundry to finish. Also had a delicious salad baguette from there with yummy Dijon mustard dressing.
Dijon – Banque de France – another beautiful example of the tiled roofs – and a real French man in the foreground…
Dijon watercolour print showcasing the tiled roofs.

Bought some little mustards.  Headed off for Lyon.

Our beautiful leased Renault Twingo – verde colour! Taken just past Aignay-Le-Duc.

Had my first drive into Chaton-Sur-Some.  Not bad.  Felt a bit queasy at first.  Had a foul cappuccino in Dijon this morning.  Full of cream again but it was sour.  Only going to have Cafe au Lait from now on (white coffee).  Asked for this at a little shop where we bought the baguette and it was beautiful.  They warm the milk like a cappuccino.

Saw a few fighter planes and helicopters on the way to Lyon.  Countryside becoming hillier.  No red poppies on the side of the road.  Stopped to buy some wine on the side of the road (proper shop/warehouse).  1/2 bottles for 16F each.  Cheap! Macon brand.  Nice.  Really got ripped off last night.

Janine having a refreshing cool, local blanc vin outside a bar near Macon.

Macon – bridge and St Lauren Sur Soane

Tried to find accommodation again.  Thought we had a nice Maison D Hotel in Anse but it was full.  Man was very nice and sent us up the road to his brother’s place in the middle of the vineyard.  Looked lovely but it was 250F and the room wasn’t ready or something like that.  Gave up and drove and drove looking for Formule 1 Lyon.  Finally found it after many questions.  Smelt.  Went out looking for food.  Settled on pizza from a box on the side of the road.  Not good.  Very thin.  Desperate for a drink.  No shops open.  Went into a bar.  2 nice old men tried to make conversation. Very amusing.

Dijon to Lyon original map
Dijon to Lyon Google maps 2017

Day 10 – Friday 17 June 1994 – Lyon and Grenoble!