Day 10 Washington! The White House! 14 April 2016

Last night we had to clear 11 pillows off our bed and nearly needed a step ladder to climb in!  It was comfortable though and I was completely exhausted.  I think that I finally relaxed after being on high alert the whole time in New York.

We are on a fairly main road but it doesn’t look it outside.  Only the traffic lights at the end of the street give it away.  So there is a bit of traffic in peak hour, including early morning.  It didn’t bother us too much though after what we had endured in New York.

First up was exploring the Eastern Markets which had actually been open yesterday but hubby hadn’t looked inside the building…  Not overly large but a good supply of – guess what?? – organic produce.  We can’t seem to avoid organic produce, not that I mind it but I do object to some of the prices!

We had a coffee sitting in the sun outside a cafe and returned to the rental to pick up the 16 year old who had finally got himself out of bed and dressed.

Then we set off for the Capitol Building.  Poppy was pleased to find a rally against cutting pensions and is pictured below returning from it.

Capitol buildingUnited States Capitol Building


Poppy returning from rally.US Capitol Building Pension Cut Rally

In the park below the Capitol Building we saw our usual quote of adorable squirrels.

We then headed to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum which was fantastic for the 16 year old but I soon tired of it after having just recently done the Intrepid Air and Space museum.  The Intrepid was probably better  because we were on a real air craft carrier and got to stand next to a real space shuttle.  We will check out the museum at the airport tomorrow and see how that compares.  We are told that it is fantastic.

Nuclear missilesSmithsonian Air and Space

Plane equipped for landing in snow.Smithsonian Air and Space

Space moduleSmithsonian Air and Space

We then wandered into Downtown in search of lunch.  We passed heaps of food trucks.  We then scattered far and wide as the boys headed for Shake Shack but I wanted something a bit more wholesome.  Eventually I found the food court Eat at National Place.  I had a very yummy avocado sushi roll, followed by a carrot cup cake that I had bought earlier.

Food trucks
Washington Food Trucks

Washington Food Trucks

We then headed for the White House.  I have to say that my feelings upon approaching it were similar to seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time.  It was quite momentous!.  Then I realised that we were looking at the back end of it.  The front end was even better!  Checked out the west wing on the side.

White House front

White House rear

National Christmas tree (looking a bit sad)
Washington National Christmas Tree

After we left the back end and headed left along the road that runs behind it, the road was suddenly closed off at the intersection and we were ordered back onto the grass by the Secret Service.  3 black cars came through under the supervision of the Secret Service and we assume that there was some official in the middle car although we didn’t know who.  As the Secret Service removed the barrier, hubby asked them who it was and without batting an eyelid they said ‘that was the lawn carers’…

We headed down to Federation Mall and thought about the Lincoln Memorial but we were flagging by then and headed for home.  It had been so wonderful and sunny and we wanted to go home and have a drink in the sun.  I have no idea how long it took to walk home but we were footsore and exhausted.  Poppy and I took the lead and staggered along Federation Mall, up Capitol Hill, back along East Capitol Street NE and then decided that we needed groceries for dinner.  We staggered further to the Capital Shops, found yesterday’s organic market, stocked up and really staggered the last few blocks home!  Very sore and tired!  Then hubby, who had been separated from us and arrived home before us said – ‘did you see the farmer’s market on the corner up the road’?  Of course I had to stagger out and have a look.  Not a lot of produce and it was looking a bit limp but I felt compelled to buy something, so bought some mushrooms and fell into a chat about Australia and how much the owner loved rugby.  I couldn’t contribute a lot to that conversation… Then they were giving away produce as it was close to the end of the day so I added a bag of Kale and container of organic lettuce.  Bargain!

30 000 step day!