Emballage crise! Packing crisis!

At last one more sleep to go.  After a frantic day of work, preparing operating manual for children (for grandfather), paying bills, preparing real estate documentation, cleaning up the leftovers in the fridge and repeating any of that each time something changed… I am finally scraping the pile of clothes off the floor and trying to fit them into a suitcase.  I’m up to trying suitcase number 3 which even though it is the oldest looks to have the largest capacity and is therefore the winner of trip to Europe.

I’ve culled slightly.  I’m going to have to cull again and then I will get there and wonder why I can’t find anything to wear.  Or else I’ll end up wearing the same 4 items of clothes every day because they fit the purpose the best.

Packing for winter doesn’t help (too many bulky clothes) but packing for winter followed by a brief spurt of summer in Hong Kong makes it worse!  Looks like I’m wearing long trousers in Hong Kong with a singlet top.  Whatever.  Maybe boots as well.  I just can’t see where even a pair of sandals will go!

I usually aim for a 2/3 full suitcase on the way to leave some room for purchases (and then move onto buying a bag if necessary) but this is NOT LOOKING GOOD!!

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