Hong Kong plans! Pedometer runs amok!

Skyped with our Hong Kong based friends during the week and we are all very excited about the visit.  I haven’t been to Hong Kong before and really don’t know much about it.  I had to bring up the Google Map while I spoke with my friend and she talked me through some of the places that she has been.  I think that we will definitely do a junk cruise.  Generally I just want to look around and absorb.  Maybe we will have a look at Hollywood Road in SoHo, Hong Kong.  I’ve been to SoHo, London and SoHo, New York so hopefully this one will live up to its name.

As for the pedometer, with the weather ever so slightly cooler, I wore a jacket when walking for the first time this week  That made it a bit harder to check the pedometer as I was walking.  So I had the bright idea that I could try it on my jacket pocket near my hip.  I tested it by counting steps a few times and all seemed OK.  However, I seemed to have to work very hard in the last couple of days to get to my target of 10 000 steps.  I was literally step watching some nights, willing it to accumulate faster.  Then yesterday I was on my regular Saturday morning walk (which used to be a 10km run but that’s another story) and tracked it on my app on my iPhone.  At the end, my iPhone said that I should have done 5 500 steps and the pedometer showed only 2 700!  Given that I had persisted through to 10 000 steps each day, goodness knows how many I really did.  I think that I can say that I have jumped the gun and am already doing the 12 000 steps per day that I had planned to do this week.  Pedometer now firmly clipped back onto my waistband and staying there no matter how hard it is to view!

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