Mostly smooth to Japan! 4 April 2013

The Canberra flight to Sydney was delayed, so by the time we got to Sydney airport the man in the golf cart was trawling for us with his Tokyo sign. We hopped on board and were whizzed to the international transfer lounge where we were ushered onto the shuttle bus.

The defining moment as an Australian for knowing that I am heading off overseas is when I am hurtling through the industrial back roads of Sydney airport on the international shuttle bus, dodging planes and cargo, then being deposited at the back door to the international airport. Night time adds extra spice. It is like leaving via the rear end of Australia.

The Customs queue was non-existent so we were processed straight away and arrived at our gate to hear the boarding call. Nice timing but no down time in Sydney.

We had pre-booked exit row seats so we settled into them. Only disadvantage with exit row seats is that you have no where to stash your goods within reach. So you end up systematically tucking everything down beside you. That’s fine until you want to get up, then you have to unpack and repack yourself. Leg room is great though. We also had a spare seat next to us so could stash some goods on there.

Flight took off about on time at 10.30 and was a bit bumpy but fairly uneventful. Food was held together with Clag but did the job. Got a few hours sleep in with the help of some tablets and it seemed like way too soon when the lights were flicked on and breakfast was being served. Felt like 2 hours after dinner.

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