On our way! 4 April 2013

Packing ‘culled’ – well I feel happier about it but it didn’t look a lot different.  I didn’t actually get to carry it until we got to the airport and even dragging it, it felt like it was packed with several medium size boulders… That was a bit concerning.

Then we got to check in and mine was first on the scales – 20.4kg! Hubby”s of course was inly 13.6kg… uckily Qantas have recently upped their luggage limit from 23kg to 30kg!  That means that rather than limiting myself to 2.6kg of shopping, i can now go wild and buy 9.6kg of goodies!

Then I thought that I had better enquire about the luggage limits on the several other airlines that Qantas have offloaded us onto. All was sounding OK until we got to BA having a 23kg limit then I stopped asking after a 20kg limit was mentioned for Malaysian airlines. At this rate I will be leaving my dirty laundry in Paris rather than bringing home divine clothes… That’s not the sort of weight I was hoping to leave in Paris!

Now sitting in the Qantas Club having a recovery champagne while we wait for our first delayed flight to depart to Sydney.

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