Pedometer – tick! Touch screen gloves – tick!

Funny how ticking something off your list can give you a quantum leap towards your goal or something you are looking forward to.  The trip hasn’t felt very real to date but now we are starting to talk about where we will be in 3 weeks time and just having my pedometer is making me visualise myself striding the boulevards and avenues of Paris!  Which of course is making me worry about what I am going to wear…  the vision is still a bit blurry in that respect…

Touch screen gloves - thanks for the recommendation K2
Touch screen gloves – thanks for the recommendation K2

The weather forecasts are filling me with alarm after having just survived a summer with way too many days over 35 deg.    Paris won’t crack double digits as a maximum until Friday!  So my one and only successful purchase today was a pair of very cute gloves with special built in finger pads so that I don’t have to take them off to use my iPhone and iPad.  That’s what I call fashion meeting function!  One blank filled in on the vision.

Now I need some pedometer practice and warm up exercises – I think a brisk 10 000 steps a day with some of those allocated to shopping for vision-wear.

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